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Shannon M.
High School:  Notre Dame Academy

Year: Junior


My passion in life is acting, whether that be for the camera or on the stage. I love to perform. I have been acting since the age of three and hope to do it for the rest of my life. In my free time, I enjoy filmmaking and editing videos. 


Favorite Social Media: My favorite social media platform is TikTok because I have a short attention span and think the platform is fun and light hearted.

Dream job: My dream job is acting because I love stories. Whether that be reading, listening to Audible, watching plays, or acting—story-telling is something that I am passionate about. Growing up, Broadway was my goal. However, as I’ve grown over the years I have been more fond of acting on set and in front of cameras.

Fun Fact: An interesting fact about me is I do silks, was in a circus, can do archery and have acted in movies and commercials!

Shannon M., Student

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Shannon M.