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Zoey D.
High School: Highlands High School

Grade: Senior 


I enjoy filmmaking, editing and psychology. I have taken film classes for all four years of high school and this year I am taking Independent Assistant, where we help teach students in Introduction To Film and Broadcasting and Advanced Filmmaking. Additionally, I am taking news and broadcasting so I will be able to help in our news program. During my freshman year, I took Introduction to Filmmaking and Broadcasting, where we got to take part in creating projects such as chase scenes, music videos, news segments, interviews, photo animation projects and much more.


Favorite Social Media: My favorite social media is Instagram because of it’s easy and convenient way to connect with my friends, and it’s often humorous atmosphere due to the things people share online.

Dream Job: My dream job is probably a psychologist. I really enjoy filmmaking but it's more of a hobby than an anticipated career. I have always enjoyed helping people and I'm hoping that storytelling through filmmaking can be an outlet for me to do just that.

Fun Fact: Something interesting about me is that I am part of a program called STLP where we use media and technology to create projects to help our community and our school. Additionally, I am Adobe certified in Adobe Premiere and next year I am going to try to become certified in Photoshop.

Zoey D., Student

Jul 26, 2019
The rich Newport history of Southgate Street School (Media)
Jul 25, 2019
The difficult task of saving plants (Story)
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Zoey D.