Andrew Clark, veterinarian in training


Andrew Clark

Ever since he was little, Andrew Clark wanted to be a veterinarian. He is a 15-year-old sophomore at Starkville High School and his favorite class, unsurprisingly, is science. He has always taken care of his family’s pets and volunteers at the local vet’s office and the OhkTibaha Humane Society animal shelter.

Andrew doesn’t have a preference to what part of veterinary job he wants, but would prefer to work with dogs the most and rats the least. He said if he had a choice, he wouldn’t do cancer or anything else life-threatening, and definitely not do euthanization.

“I could never do euthanization,” Andrew said. “I love animals too much. Actually, that happened to a friend of mine.”

Andrew said he wants to help people by helping out their animals. He doesn’t have any experience with curing animals yet, but he is eager to learn. At the vet’s office, he isn’t allowed to touch the medicines, “because I’m just a kid,” he said, but he is eager to learn, and will definitely pursue his goals.