Campbell Haynes: Future writer and historian


Campbell Haynes

Starting at the early age of 3, Campbell Haynes was pushed to read and write which led him to become passionate about history and writing.

“The first book my mom gave me when I was 5 was the first book in the Harry Potter series,” Campbell said.

As he grew up, he began to get involved in some of the activities at his school, Batavia Elementary. Such as, the school paper and also by using his creative talent in creating poems and lyrics.

“At school in fourth grade, “I started my school’s first paper called the Batavia Elementary News,”  he said.

In addition to the paper, Campbell also loved to express his writing talent in other ways.

I also began to write poems and create lyrics for songs when I was three years old,” he said. “One of the songs I wrote was called “Next Generation,” which was about how grownups won’t always be in control over kids.”

Although Campbell may face many different obstacles in his life, such as people telling him he can’t make it, he has shown that he has a game plan and that he has a true passion for what he believes in and won’t give up on his dream.