Future director studies the art of journalism


Ben Bardgett

Ben Bardgett, a seemingly average teenage guy, attends NKU’s journalism workshop this week, not to learn how to report, but how to make movies.

Bardgett a 16-year-old Highlands High School student, is an avid movie fan. Ben believes that what makes a movie truly great is when all components of the film complement each other. This includes the directing, cinematography, etc.

He hopes one day to be a movie director himself, citing Fight Club as his favorite movie and Ryan Gosling as his favorite actor.

Aside from movies, Bardgett is also interested in acting and playing music. Most recently, he played one of the Nubians in his high school’s production of Aida.

“Most of the guys do it because it’s fun,” Ben said when asked how he felt about being a teenage boy starring in musicals. “That’s what makes it fun.”

Bardgett knows how to play three different instruments; the guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. His favorite song to play is Death Cab for Cutie’s, “I will follow you into the Dark,” because it is one of few songs he knows both the chords and lyrics to.

Bardgett is the youngest of three brothers, one of whom designs Hollywood movie posters. The other is a recent graduate of Highlands High School and has been nominated for three different Cappy Awards.

“I hope to be working with a lot of the same equipment used in movies,” Ben said about his hopes for the workshop.