Joseph Glandorf, aspiring novelist


Joseph Glandorf

Joseph Glandorf had a generic assignment from his fifth grade teacher at North Avondale Montessori. The assignment was to write a story and to read it to the class the next day. After he read it, everyone was speechless. Because of this, Joseph decided he wanted to study creative writing and become a novelist.

One Montessori experience stands out for him amongst all, which was the short story in the fifth grade. This story was creative and captivated his classmates.

This experience inspired Joseph to begin to pursue a future career as a writer. “I’ve always sort of been told I was a good writer, so I’m just gonna run with it,” he said.

Unfortunately, a year later, he hit a creative roadblock. In the sixth grade, he tried twice to begin to write his novel and couldn’t get through the first two pages.

Now, Joseph still aspires to become a novelist. He wants to work in the sci-fi or fantasy genre. He draws inspiration from Eragon and the old Star Trek television show, and he is still just running with it.

Joseph is now turning 15 years old tomorrow and going into the tenth grade at Walnut Hills High School next fall. He lives in Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati, Ohio. He attributes his successful transition from the Montessori style of teaching to a demanding and superior high school like Walnut Hills to one teacher.

This teacher assigned a lot of work in each class every night. Although the work was hard and plentiful, he says there were benefits. The work prepared him for the next step of his education.