Mary Wurtz at Journalism in the Digital Age


Mary Wurtz

Mary Wurtz wants to work on her very own talk show when she gets older.

Mary, a student of Villa Madonna Academy, first became interested when she watched Ellen DeGeneres and started cracking up and laughing. She is attending the NKU Digital Journalism Workshop because she wants to experiment with career options and learn skills to use in many other fields.

Mary doesn’t just write for journalism. She is currently in the process of writing a Great Gatsby and Les Miserables spoof, as well as a story about a group of emo-cultured children. She specifically likes to write comedy.

“No matter what I do, and no matter what I write, I want to do comedy,” she said.

She hopes to entertain people with a combination of journalism and comedy, much like Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report.

However, Mary still likes classic writing of the 20th century as well. She confessed her liking of classic literature when saying, “I’m really into 20th century literature, like the 60’s and material like that.” Still she wants her comedy to be based on current news, in hopes of someday getting a talk show.