Noah Olberding, photographer by day, rock star by night


Noah Olberding

Noah Olberding is an amateur bass guitarist. He previously played in a band, but left to play alone as a hobby.

“I think it’s more fun to learn and progress on your own than to learn at other people’s paces,” Noah said.

Earlier in life, his father, a musician himself, inspired Noah to begin playing the bass. Along the way, he was motivated by a friend, which is a highly devoted musician, to continue playing. His current favorite music genre is classic rock. He obtained this interest from Guitar Hero earlier in life, and it has never changed since.

Noah also enjoys traveling, and has so far visited Germany, Canada, and San Francisco, among many other U.S. cities. Noah says his favorite part of his travels has always been learning the history of the places he visits. It is partially for this reason that San Francisco is his favorite of all his travel destinations. While there, Noah enjoyed the historic vibe of the city, the U.S. history preserved there and visiting the Golden Gate Bridge.

Noah says he is mainly enrolled in the NKU Digital Journalism camp because of his interest in photography. This past school year, he was enrolled in a film photography class, where he first started got started. Noah said he initially joined the class because of the inherent unique vibe of film photography.

“It was a fun experience because nobody really does it anymore, and it’s interesting to do it in the modern world,” Noah said.

Of all the possibilities to capture, Noah’s favorite photography subjects are people. He enjoys not only taking photos of them, but also writing stories, true or untrue, about them.

Noah currently lives in Pleasant Ridge and attends Walnut Hills High School. He is about to enter his sophomore year and his favorite subject is modern world history.