Aero-Girls launches programs for females

Sophia Spivey, Student

One. Two. Three. Blast off. Northern Kentucky University hosted the Aero-Girls Camp, the camp for rising 6th-10th graders that breaks down gender roles and inspires girls to pursue a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs (STEM).

Aero-Girls is mainly geared towards girls, but if the camp roster is not filled by a specific period of time it will be open for any eligible applicant, regardless of gender.

The Camp participants are involved in many activities during the three day experience. The first day focused more on the aspect of physics and mathematics, while on the second day the participants got to create their own parachute launches.

The program gives each student the opportunity to use MicroSoft Flight Simulator system to draw, plan and run a simulation of a typical flight between airports in Kentucky. Ninth grader Grace Mcclurg knew that this program was meant for her the second she found out about it since she is drawn to the idea of becoming a pilot.

“My dream career within the field (of STEM) would probably be something at NASA, maybe even specifically an Astronaut,” Mcclurg said. “I have looked on their website and if I was to do that I would need 1,000 hours of flight experience and that is one reason I’m taking this class.”