Don’t crack: Egg project part of ECC

Sarah Krebs, Student

As I walked down the hallway to the Early Childhood Center (ECC), I heard laughter and loud voices, and I knew something exciting and engaging was happening.

The guests, including myself, explored the Nomad and Viking rooms which are divided by age based on the children’s needs. What touched me the most were the connections evident between the counselors and the campers.

When I asked Anna, a camp member from the older Nomad group, about the support from her leaders she said,“The counselors give me the courage to keep trying, and with their help I know I will succeed.”

What I recall from the opportunity to interview and document the children of the ECC was their sense of curiosity. The theme for this week that uses this integral characteristic is “Imagine, Plan, and Create”. The camp organizers develop situations that require the children to use the design process to problem solve and learn from their experiences.

When my journalism camp visited the ECC, the day was devoted to the egg drop project. When I asked the summer camp coordinator Audrey Wilson about her favorite activity to administer she said, “I really enjoy the egg drop challenge we are doing today. We are teaching the kids problem solving which is a very important lesson for our camp members of each age ranging from six to fourteen.”

The words of Ms. Wilson that I feel describe this heart-warming camp experience the most are, “The ECC camp supports a child’s struggle for independence by allowing them to explore and construct their own knowledge with the guidance of teachers as facilitators for learning and fun.” This camp’s mission is to help the younger generation face the future with capability and confidence.