Hands-on learning at new Health Innovation Center

Grace Hall, Student

Along with the new Health Innovation Center, another groundbreaking shift in NKU’s College of Health Professions will occur: a new learning approach. The hands-on learning that the College will implement is based on the progressive ideals of the university.

The approach of “active learning” is evident through the new Center, which broke ground in October of 2015. Many new simulation labs have been added to the spacious building in order to provide an accessible learning experience for all students.

Simulations will be a main focus of the hands-on approach, and many state-of-the-art labs and technology will be incorporated into the learning experience. A Parts Lab will be included for students to practice surgeries and injections on limbs. Roleplay will also be included, with real people acting out different illnesses for the students.

The center will focus on population health because of the demand for health professionals in the Northern Kentucky area. Studies on the effect of backpacks on American soldiers and addiction are already being formed.

Provost Sue Ott Rowlands has endorsed this new form of learning that will be a focus of the Center, saying that students learn better if they are “involved in their own learning.” Rowlands also explained that college teaching has shown that the hands-on experience is extremely helpful to all students.

The groundbreaking, unique learning experience is a big step for the university, and will grow to be a part of other colleges within NKU. The Center will hold events and classes for other majors, including psychology and data analytics. The union of various programs across campus in the Center will provide a new learning experience for students and will symbolize a move from the University towards new and innovative learning opportunities.