Health Innovation Center to feature hands-on work

Caroline Horvath, Student

NKU’s new Health Innovation Center is starting a new learning approach called active learning

when it opens in 2018.

The new approach will include hands on learning for future doctors to test their skills on


The simulation center, where to mannequins will be kept, will be the main hub of new

technology. Sue Ott Rowlands, NKU provost, believes that learning will be made more efficient

and will help the students by giving them a chance at real life situations without consequences.

The new learning system is unlike years before when students listened to lectures instead of

practicing for the real world.

Along with the mannequins there will be individual body parts including arms and legs to

practice on. The center will also have real people role playing as patients. The new approach is

different from normal teaching since the students will be doing the work instead of learning how

to do it.

Rowlands is very confident and excited about the new program and believes that it will do very

well in the coming years.