Health Innovation Center to launch next generation of learning

Sam Shelton, Student

Northern Kentucky University is on the rise with new innovations to the campus that is launching it into the next generation of learning.

Recently, NKU broke ground on the new Health Innovation Center at a cost. Of that cost, $8 million was donated by St. Elizabeth Healthcare to construct a two-story, high-tech Simulation Center where students can practice on lifelike dummies in order for them to get the best education and experience that NKU can offer them.

The cost of erecting this high-tech building will be around $97 million, but Ms. Sue Ott Rowlands mentioned that the students wanted the recreation center, it was their idea and they wanted themselves to pay a fee so that the building can be built.

“When our students decide that something should happen, it happens,” Ott Rowlands said.

The Two story, five floor Health Innovation Center will also be used for several other classrooms that are much needed for the growing college. Ms. Ott Rowland said that with all these growing programs, it not just helps the students in their studies but also the surrounding communities.

“It really brought to life of the community what NKU can offer, which is we can’t solve all the problems by ourselves but we can bring people together who can solve the problems,” Ott Rowlands said.

Tess Phinney, the Sustainability Manager of NKU, said that by the year 2050 the entire campus will be carbon free. In 2007 the former president of Northern promised that within a few decades the campus will be carbon free and more energy efficient. They even have a partnership with this in place, she is determined to have his goal made.