Medical students prepare for new Health Innovation Center

Kyle Kruthoffer, Student

Medical students will be exploring NKU for a special program come 2018. On October 21, 2015, NKU broke ground on their new Health Innovation Center. The five floor, $97 million dollar investment will be used for further advancement in the medical field, as well as a new “approach to education.”

Some of the programs being offered there are nursing, psychology, data analytics, and much, much more. The renovation of Founders Hall will also be a part in the new building, along with the new facility.

We had the opportunity to speak with Sue Ott Rowlands, the Provost and Executive VP for Academic Affairs at NKU. When asked about what was going into the center, Rowlands said that one of the biggest features that they would provide is a dummy simulation.

For example, students would be able to treat the dummy, which has the ability to have human experiences, such as seizures, colds, and more. It’s a perfect way to take what students have learned and have a hands-on experience.

There will also be role playing opportunities, which will be another way of providing a hands-on experience. With the heroin epidemic still occurring in NKY, the center also plans to help with addictions by studying them and help find treatments.

We also spoke to Tess Phinney, the Manager for Sustainability at NKU. She talked about how this building would be a very eco-friendly building.