Shattering the stereotype: females in the field

Collin Trissel, Student

Camps like the Aero Girls summer camp at Northern Kentucky University try to break

stereotypes and get middle and high school girls more interested in STEM (science, technology,

engineering and math) professions.

During the camp, the girls learn about aeronautical principal by using physics and mathematics.

They also designed, planned and conduct a flight using a Microsoft Flight Simulator system. The

camp is run by Bill Schneider, a science department professor at NKU. Schneider believes that

the program should be hands-on and entertaining for the girls involved.

After interviewing four of the girls in the camp, it was apparent that the camp was a great

experience for the them. The camp meant something different for each girl involved. Tia

Nurredin a 6th grader from St. Cecilia, did not have an explicit interest in aeronautics, however

she did have an interest in another STEM related field she said, “I would like to into

Engineering”. She also told me “My older sister she started this camp called Engo Girl and she

wanted to make more girls interested in engineering”. Programs like the Aero Girls and Engo girl

have influenced this girl to aspire to be in a stem related field in the future.

Another camper I talked to was Grace Mcclurg, a student at Dixie High School. Mcclurg is

extremely interested in aeronautics and aspires to work in an aeronautics profession in the future.

Mcclurg said “ I have done brief research on NASA and I think that is something that interests

me”. The Aero ­Girls camp and others provide a great opportunity for girls like Grace who are

interested in flight and STEM in general.