Students of CAI learn while they work

Alysia Morgan, Student

CAI, also known as Center Applied Informatics is considered to be the outreach arm of the college of informatics. Students of CAI engage in projects such as performing analytics of data, creating mobile apps on smartphones and designing websites.

Daniel Slone, a mobile app developer and Brendan Slack, a web specialist, are both a part of the CAI and they work very hard for months at a time to accomplish their projects. In April, Slone helped develop an app called Tarc, also known as the Transit Authority of River City, which provides public transportation in the Louisville area with bus routes and show the actual timing the bus is supposed to get there.

Slack is working on redesigning several websites that are either outdated or have not updated, taking a long slow and steady process.

Slone said one of the challenges he has faced in his projects as a mobile app developer is “not knowing some of the stuff I have to work with or implement.” When that happens, he sometimes uses Google to help him, but other times uses trial and error.