Students try not to break eggs at summer camp


Lauryn Holman-cruse

The kids make “popsicle families” with their arts and crafts.

Lauryn Holman-Cruse, Student

A loving home and a nurturing day care can be compared very closely when it comes to the child services of Early Childhood Services at NKU. NKU Early Childhood Services Summer Camp Provides an excellent learning environment from kids ranging from ages 1 all the way up to age 14.

The Nomads (ages 9 to 14) and the Vikings (6 to 9) were exuberant children were filled to the brim with energy. The Nomads and the Vikings were doing an egg drop contest to see who can build a device out of materials from home to save a very fragile egg from cracking or breaking.

The Nomads worked aggressively on this class project. The students enjoyed working on the egg drop.

When asked 9-year-old Sophia Martin what she likes most about the summer camp she says

“It’s pretty cool and creative,” said Sophia Martin, a 9-year-old camper. She also said that she really likes being a Nomad and wouldn’t change a thing about her group.