Students work on coding at Center for Applied Informatics

Lina Kaval, Student

At the Center for Applied Informatics (CAI), students work on coding projects for various clients. Brendan Slack and Daniel Slone are two of the students at the CAI.

According to CAI Executive Director Jill Henry, students at the CAI “[get] a wide variety of project assignments for true work experience.” These students went through an interview process and had to meet specific requirements to be hired by the CAI.

Web Development Specialist Brendan Slack is one of the twenty students hired by the CAI. Slack is currently working on three websites for three different clients; a physical therapy website, an interior design website and a church website. The physical therapy website is expected to go live in about a month.

“I have been here for about three to four months,” Slack said. “I’ve learned a lot since being here so it’s really helped my overall understanding of how the web works and different content management systems. It has been a lot of growth of developing this and learning by doing, which is a lot of what CAI really is for students.”

Also hired by CAI is Mobile Application Specialist Daniel Slone, who has been in the program for a year and a month. His current project, E-Gov Link, is “an app that shows events, social media, newsletters to let people in that town know what’s going on.” This Android-only app went live about a week ago.

Slone has also worked on the app TARC, which shows the real-time arrival stops for two buses in Louisville and the attractions near them. The app has had over 500 installations and took about eight months. In another app Slone updated for a client, he recalled having problems with the Apple platform.

“The Apple store usually takes longer to get approved before it shows up,” Slone said. “They are actually pretty picky with what [content] they want. I was in charge about a month ago fixing some issues with an app that somebody else dad and it got rejected like three times on the App Store.”

This coming school year will be Slone’s last. Along with working with CAI, he plans to publish his research on artificial intelligence.