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Zipline at the 2017 FreshFusion.

Provided by Office of Student Engagement

Zipline at the 2017 FreshFusion.

Festival to bring fun to freshmen

FreshFusion provides students with the chance to get involved

July 25, 2019

In August, geese will have to find a new home, as the area around Loch Norse will be transformed into a fairground for the annual FreshFusion, an event aimed at engaging incoming freshmen.

This tradition to help integrate new students has been going strong for quite some time now, and now it has new amenities. There are plans for Skyline Chili, a huge zipline and plenty of entertainment for guests. This vision was able to come to fruition thanks to the help of Coordinator of Student Engagement AJ Miller.

“We started planning the event around February. Each year, we try to plan something special,” Miller said.

He went on to emphasize the coordination and labor it takes to make FreshFusion possible.

“We have a committee of about 10 to 15 people across campus working to make this year special,” Miller said.

Thanks to the hard work of these individuals, new students will be able to have fun while they explore the nearly 300 clubs that NKU has to offer.

Derek Holden, a student who stays busy helping Miller in the Office of Student Engagement, enjoyed his involvement in the NKU student community and encourages students to get involved in the many clubs and organizations.


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