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Tyler G.

New year, fresh start for FreshFusion at NKU

FreshFusion offers students a new start on NKU's campus

July 25, 2019

It’s a hot humid day; almost as if we are down South, and not in Northern Kentucky. The weather feels amazing, and a loud chatter makes it impossible to hear. All of the incoming freshmen are anxious for the school year. However, that is why they are not filled with smiles. That’s because they are at FreshFusion, where the air smells like Skyline Chili and a bunch of various foods. Loch Norse is filled around with over 3,000 anxious students bonding and creating memories that will only be the stepping stone of their college fairytale. 

That’s how AJ Miller, the coordinator of student engagement, envisions this year’s FreshFusion will go: a complete success. He has very high hopes for it this year, and hopes that all of the incoming freshmen will be satisfied with the event. FreshFusion is when all of the NKU freshmen gather together to bond and discover new clubs at NKU. In an interview, Miller explained why he enjoys FreshFusion.

“I just like FreshFusion. It kicks off the academic year in a fun way; students have been in session for three days, like this is where this office is, and this is where this class is,” Miller said. “They get to see the other students or friends they haven’t seen all summer. It lightens the mood for school the following Monday.”

Derek Holden, senior student engagement specialist, told us how FreshFusion helped him become a part of the NKU student body and how it got him to where he is now.

“I really felt that FreshFusion helped me because it got me interested in clubs and helped me meet people,” Holden said.

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