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Clay Bonin poses with his skateboard.

Skateboarding in the Summer

Two NKU students show off their skating skills

July 25, 2019

It’s a cool day outside, about 72 degrees. They are both trying to do tricks off of a small incline rights outside the campus library. Chris and Clay, both NKU students, are having a fun time trying tricks. Most of the time they fail, but that doesn’t matter because they still enjoy it. Chris hits a trick and Clay is happy for him.

Clay hits a trick and Chris is happy for him. A good amount of the time they fail but they never get discouraged. After they are done with the incline, they start skating to a different part of the campus.

All along the way they do tricks as the journalism students watch in amazement. They might even be showing off a little. But it’s uncertain because they are both very good at what they’re doing. Chris alone knows, “about 40 tricks.”

During the summer, Chris and Clay come to the NKU campus to skate. They practice their tricks in various spots within the campus. Clay’s board is slightly bigger than standard, as it is often used for filming.

They skate in the beating down sun of the summer. Some days are hotter than others, but normally they skate in the heat. As they skate by, you can see their shadows mirroring their actions. While skating, they perfect their known tricks and practice new ones. You can hear the sound of the boards and the wheels echoing around any given area they might skate in.

There are various scratches on each board, and more are added every day. They land about as many tricks as they fail. Sometimes they hit a clean trick and other times they fail so bad they fall off their boards.

Every time they fail though, they get right back up as if nothing happened. They even laugh it off as they get up for the next trick. When being interviewed, Chris and Clay are attentive to each question and give descriptive answers. An example of this is when Chris talked about getting into skating in middle school when he saw his friends doing it. It is apparent they have been in skateboarding a long time and it is very important to them.

The designs under each of their skateboards are very unique. One is a picture announcing a fake fight, and the other is an abstract design. Both Clay and Chris have a lot of fun doing their favorite activity; they were never discouraged or mad. It was a great day of skateboarding and fellowship.

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