McKenzie K.

Chris Fenton-Wells poses with his board.

Skater boys at NKU

Chris and Clay, two skaters always searching for the perfect skating spots

July 25, 2019

NKU students, Chris Fenton-Wells and Clay Bonin are always looking for new places to skate. They both love skateboarding around the commons. Chris’ favorite skating spot is “The bank next to the library.” We went with them to that spot in between Landrum Hall and Steely Library; it had a concrete wall that they enjoyed doing tricks off of. Both Chris and Clay enjoy the skate community at NKU, as it encourages them to keep trying to learn different tricks.

“My favorite trick would have to be a straight up double fly, Fenton-Wells said. Bonin’s favorite trick is a “switch front side shove it.” I asked Chris if people ever commented about his skating around campus; his response was mostly that people don’t mind much, until the commons area gets a little more crowded.

He said that people tend to be a little spooked when he has to skate a little closer to them, because they think he doesn’t know what he is doing. Neither of them feel that they would be able to be professional skateboarders, but they both agree that they will still continue skateboarding until they can’t anymore.

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