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Chris Fenton-Wells stands in front of Steely Library.

Skating brings two unlikely friends together

Electronic media students use technology skills to showcase flips and tricks

July 25, 2019

Clay Bonin majored in electronic media and broadcasting major at NKU, but he wouldn’t have gotten there if it weren’t for Walker Nickleson.

Bonin became friends with Nickleson in sixth grade and was soon skating with him and his friends. He now makes skating videos with his friend Chris Fenton-Wells, also an electronic media and broadcasting major at NKU, and also a skater.

Bonin said his favorite part of the skating community is you can skate with a random person from another state and already have a connection through skating.

When you see Bonin and Fenton-Wells skating, you may be taken aback by the contrast.

Fenton-Wells is tall and lanky, rocking an all black outfit with ’60s inspired pants in a jet black color that “didn’t last as long as I wanted,” and had now faded.

Bonin, on the other hand, was shorter and had a skater vibe about him. From the baseball cap, white 1996 Atlanta Olympics shirt and Lucas Puig—his favorite skater—brand shorts, you would probably be more surprised if he didn’t have a skateboard under his feet.

When they reached their favorite spot, they raced much faster. They started flipping their boards, riding up walls and attempting tricks that seemed complex to amatuers. The whole time they skated, people stopped and stared.

Bonin and Fenton-Wells decided to make things more exciting made a bet: If Bonin could land a switch flip, Fenton-Wells would pay him $100. The students were all on the edge of their seats as he jumped until he missed his landing. According to Bonin, that was the closest he had ever gotten to landing that trick.

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Skating brings two unlikely friends together