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Kyle S.

Chris Fenton-Wells sports the deck of his skateboard.

Skating toward your dream

How two NKU students use Instagram to show off their hobby and passion—skating

July 25, 2019

Adrenaline rushing, Chris Fenton-Wells took off running at the angled cement slope, clutching onto his skateboard. He tossed his board onto the ground and hopped on for the ride. He glided up the rocky slope. Nothing could stop him now—nothing but physics and gravity. The board went up as Chris went down. He crashed hard onto the even harder concrete of Northern Kentucky University’s campus.

Watching, everyone held their breath. Their hearts stopped for a split second. Fenton-Wells paused before smiling and laughing. “Good morning,” he joked to the crowd watching on a breezy Wednesday morning. He fell, but he wasn’t down for the count.

Fenton-Wells, an NKU senior electronic media and broadcasting major, along with his friend Clay Bonin, a recent EMB graduate, skateboard for the enjoyment of themselves and for their growing online audience. 

A few falls didn’t stop them from following their dreams. Social media makes the process easy and accessible for viewers to enjoy their content.

While the two do not make money off of their videos, Fenton-Wells commented on how he’d love to make a career out of his skating videos. He explained what it takes is to be “signed on by a brand” in order to profit. However, profit isn’t a concern for them; their main goal is to have fun.

Being able to follow dreams is as easy as ever with the technology out today. But, it’s a matter of how you use it. Have fun with it like Fenton-Wells and Bonin do. After all, doesn’t your dream start with something you enjoy?

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