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Dakota S.

Chris Fenton-Wells at the top of the bank between Landrum Hall and Steely Library.

Students find a career in film through skateboarding

Two skaters tell the story of filming and finding a passion in the two

July 25, 2019

When roaming around the NKU campus, you might just spot two students skating around and pulling off cool tricks.

Clay Bonin and Chris Fenton-Wells spent their time on July 24 skateboarding around campus. The two spend time shooting videos of each other laughing, teasing and doing lots of falling when riding around. Besides skating, both of them majored in electronic media & broadcasting.

“Skateboarding is kind of how I got into EMB. I got a camera when I was 16, and just started filming my friends skating,” Fenton-Wells said. “Skateboarding just led me to my career.”

Bonin explained how filming themselves skateboarding is something everyone wants to do when starting. Watching themselves perform tricks and skate around is really what pulled them into the film world.

“You make it how you want. You get to piece it together, and kinda tell a story and pair that with a hobby that fits the same kind of style,” Fenton-Wells said.

Both students have been skating for about 11 years. They have to deal with some problems, however.

Of course, weather makes an impact on when and where they can skate—along with getting kicked out of many places by security guards and other staff. Neither of them have had any major injuries, but both have had their fair share of sprains, tears and bruises.

Overall, both Bonin and Fenton-Wells have had their lives changed because of skating. It is a truly inspiring story how something that they enjoy so much can lead them right to their dream career.

“It’s brought me much joy in my life, and I wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t skateboard. It’s something that until I couldn’t physically do it anymore, I believe I’ll still do,” Bonin said.

If you are interested in skateboarding, it just might give you the opportunity to meet great people and find your passion.

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