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The Future of NKU Women’s Basketball

How the Norse women are improving themselves and each other in the offseason

July 25, 2019

Bright lights, giant stadium, workout after workout, representing the school and pushing yourself to be the best player you can be. Dribble after dribble. Shot after shot. Pushing up the bar with all the strength you have left to get just a little bit stronger. A little improvement can go a long way.  Basketball may be played from November to March, but basketball season really never stops.

The offseason is a whole different sport. It’s a time to turn weaknesses into skills and then developing these skills that were once weaknesses and turning these things into strengths. Basketball is a sport with one objective: to get the ball in the hoop as much as possible. That’s easy, but the hard part is to develop habits and techniques to get the ball in the basket more than the other team. That is what the offseason is all about.

Sophomore point guard Ally Niece described the differences of the offseason, saying they “focus more on individual skills, and during the season they put it all together.” At only 5 feet 8 inches tall, Niece stated that she wanted to focus on “a lot of strength” because “she got pushed around a little bit” by some of the bigger, more experienced players. Even though practicing isn’t fun, there are experiences that will last a lifetime—like playing top ranked Louisville in the KFC Yum! Center, a stadium that has four championship appearances to its name.

Although the summer is just about improving yourself, players cheer each other on to help push their teammates during the toughest of drills. Junior guard Kailey Coffey realizes her role as one of the experienced players on her team. Coffey thinks she “will bring a lot of experience because [the Norse] have been a young team for the past two seasons.”

The team would like to focus on encouraging their teammates in drills, as well. Last year, they started off with two wins and nine losses, but finished the year stronger with nine wins and nine losses. Coffey emphasizes the importance of  “getting a few wins” early on in the season to build momentum throughout the year.

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The Future of NKU Women’s Basketball