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Basketball team practices drills during Wednesday’s practice.

Women’s basketball strategy: grow as a team

The team plans to fix their record by getting closer

July 25, 2019

NKU sophomore, Ally Niece, leads the Northern Kentucky Women’s Basketball team in points, averaging nine per game. But that was last year. This season, she has higher aspirations.

Niece is the starting point guard for the team who spends hours focusing on her weaknesses and boosting her strengths. It is mid July, and Niece is spending countless hours shooting basketball. Although basketball season is four months away, this upcoming season is all she can think about.

The NKU Women’s Basketball team is gearing up for their 2019-2020 season. Last year, the team had a record of 9-22 in the overall season and 6-12 in the Conference Championship. The team is hoping to improve individually, as well as growing as a team.

The level of support these girls show each other is heartening. When doing shooting drills, after a miss, the girls show their support by cheering each other on to help them make the next shot. Expressions such as, “You’ve got it, girl! You can do it!” make such a large impact on the girls that helps them strive to be better.

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Women’s basketball strategy: grow as a team