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The scoreboard at BB&T Arena.

Women’s basketball team begins work towards improvement

Norse women’s basketball plans to grow as a team and improve their record

July 25, 2019

With the NKU women’s basketball team growing in popularity and support, everyone from fans to the team itself has high hopes for 2019-2020 season.

Even in July, the team is preparing for their next season and setting high goals. The Division I team is hoping to do even better this year than they did last season by putting 100 percent into everything they do.

The 12 girls hope to beat last year’s record of 11-18 and become better, overall.

As they practiced and worked toward getting better, they shared their beliefs on how the growing support helps them work together and win close games.

The ladies shared how thankful they are for the support from the fans and the leadership of experienced players they are. Through practice and hard work, their hope for improvement can be achieved.

The team has already started to work toward their goal to improve and plan to keep growing. The team’s growth in support helps them to work harder and win tough games.

What’s in store for next season? Will they achieve their goal to improve from last year? Will the team continue to grow in popularity and support? Only time will tell.

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