About the Team 2015



One request was made. “Bring in an interesting prop to describe you,” Michele Day, the Digital Media Workshop program director instructed her mentors.

So, one by one, each mentor traipsed their way into Griffin Hall with their Star Wars companions, lab coats, straw and Irish decor hats, cameras along with computers, the inevitable Starbucks card, newspapers and headphones, tennis shoes, and the unplanned pop tart.

“I chose my walking shoes and my iPad because outside of NKU, those are the artifacts that consume most of my life,” Day said. “I’m a bit of a walking addict – try to get in about three miles every morning and another two every night. [And] at home, my iPad is my go-to device whether I’m reading a novel, checking my Twitter feed, or browsing media blogs.”

The  photographer for the shoot and photo instructor, Bruce Crippen, couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the items brought in, due to the exactitude of the choices made by the mentors.

“I brought in my flash as a prop because I am a … photographer,” Crippen smiled..”It just made sense.”

Some mentors decided to bring in props that described their personality and their favorite past times, much like Andrea Carter, a photo editor, who lives on her computer, whereas there were a few who simply wanted to show their heritage.

Derek Daley, a media informatics major who designed the  website, along with one of the video editors, Brian Murray, brought in hats for their pictures.

“I chose an Irish hat because of my Irish heritage,” Daley said.

Though some chose to show off their culture, others chose to show their true nature on NKU’s campus.

“I chose a stats book because I am teaching data visualization during the camp,” Austin Lee, assistant communication professor, said. “I am a quantitative researcher (AKA math nerd) in the department.”

Even various mentors chose to lug in a piece of their own life’s story.

Ashley Hempfling, one of the social media editors, decided to show off her hard work over the course of this summer within her career field.

“I am currently interning at CityBeat, so I thought the weekly paper would be a great idea,” said Hempfling. “ The paper also relates directly with journalism [and] focuses on art and entertainment.”

And of course there are those select few who were honest and claimed they didn’t really know what to bring, and those who just plumb forgot.

Both story editors for the workshop, Maurene Daniels and Taylor Upchurch, came accompanied by items very near and dear to their hearts.

“I’ll be honest, I just really love food. I couldn’t think of anything better to bring in,” laughed Upchurch. “This was the number one item that I knew would describe me the most to the students.”

Daniels on the other hand, had no idea what she wanted to bring in, and the idea might have slipped her mind.

“I chose my prop, well, honestly I forgot mine so I just had to pick something out of my purse,” Daniels said, “ but I chose my Starbucks employee card since I have spent my college career working here.”

College students however, are not the only forgetful ones. Traveling from Lakota West High School in West Chester, Ohio, Journalism instructor Dean Hume, had to make a quick decision as well. Hume grabbed a marker from one of the classrooms and ran with the idea.

However, do not let their absent mindedness lead you astray. These mentors are prepared to entertain and help assist the students in every way possible.

And to add to the excitement, the mentors were also asked five questions that revealed a secret about themselves that not many would expect.

There are  moments when the mentors may even risk their lives for pure entertainment.

In the face of danger, Brittany Murphy, one of the social media editors,  and John Gibson, the video instructor,  will force themselves to shorten their lifespans by many years just to find out what twist their favorite show will end in.

Gibson admits to what his life would be like if it were a movie to explain his lifestyle.

“As for genre, I’m going to go with a sci-fi film directed by Wes Anderson set in the 1880s,” Gibson said. “That seems thoroughly screwed up enough.”

And while they are slowly perishing, Lindsay Rudd a video editor,  will never show fear in her attempt to send ugly snapchats of herself to make others laugh, during which Brian Murray  will risk his own pride by failing miserably at continuously trying to master the perfect grilled cheese.

Needless to say, these mentors can withstand any challenge that comes their way.

Bring on the pens. Bring on the notepads. Bring on the cameras. It’s show time.