Alyson Schoenung


Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Minor: Media informatics/marketing

High school: Seton High School


Ally realized that writing was a unique calling when her grade school English teachers announced a new short story writing assignment. She was grinning from ear to ear, only to hear classmates groan and sigh.


Through the years Ally became a feign for the most up to date news, usually found through both reliable and unreliable online news sites and the infamous People magazine. The first time she saw “13 Going on 30,” she knew that her true passion in life was getting to carry that fashionable brief case and coffee cup into a New York City high rise.


“I want to design and be an editor for a popular magazine, like People perhaps,” Schoenung said.


Through high school, Ally found herself transitioning into more of an editorial style of writing and she appreciated every opportunity given to voice her opinion publicly. She even made a nun at her high school cry because of an editorial she wrote.


“As any true journalist knows, you can’t begin or get through a career without upsetting a few, if not several people with your writing,” Schoenung said.


As a sophomore, Ally attended NKU’s Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop where she learned more about journalism and all of the “rules” associated with it. Although, she wasn’t necessarily a fan of AP style or the fact that she had to be politically correct nearly 99% of the time.


“Journalism became more and more alluring to me and before I even left the workshop, I had decided that NKU would be my college choice,” Schoenung said.


Ally is from Cincinnati, Ohio and went to Seton High School, an all-girl Catholic school on the west side. From wearing uniform skirts to having to be around estrogen x100 for eight hours a day without an escape, Ally made it out of high school and was a part of the newspaper and yearbook staff.


Ally has always been looked down upon by her family for choosing to be a journalism major. The men of her family believe she is wasting her time on a “dead” field.

“This attitude and outlook has only pushed me harder, and added more fuel to the fire for me to be successful using my passion for writing and the use of technology,” Schoenung said.


Through new technological advances and Ally’s recent investment in a Macbook Pro, she has been able to grow her interest in web design and all things tech.


When Ally isn’t stressing over a last minute article or setting up interviews and figuring out how to improve her chances of getting a job promptly after graduation, she’s probably running on the treadmill or working at the NKU Campus Recreation Center, her second home. Or perhaps she would be hanging out with her boyfriend of almost four years, Josh, who is her biggest supporter for her dreams of being successful in the field of journalism.


Ally considers herself a blogger and social media addict, as she is always either checking her phone or posting on one of many social media and blogging sites that she uses. This addiction has led her to be the first social media editor for NKU’s newspaper, The Northerner, starting this fall. She hopes to use social media as a valuable tool to market the newspaper and make The Northerner more interactive for those who visit the social media sites and apps.


Ally’s transition to college has helped grow her aspirations in journalism and she has found herself questioning whether things are copyrighted or if that was appropriate to include that detail into her story as she completes more and more classes. She hopes to graduate in May of 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and with minors in media informatics and marketing.