Daniel Townsend


Year: Senior

Major: Electronic media and broadcasting

Minor: Philosophy

High school: Lloyd Memorial


Daniel Townsend, a self-proclaimed hairy man-beast, was recruited by John Gibson to work as a mentor for this workshop. He is a senior at NKU, earning a degree in electronic media and broadcasting and a minor in philosophy.


Born in Cincinnati and raised in Northern Kentucky, Daniel is a native to this area. He is friendly in his natural state, but gets annoyed by things like the band Nickelback, and people who talk during movies.


“I am a big fan of film in general, but I especially enjoy the horror genre,” Townsend said. “Some of my favorites are Evil Dead 2, The Thing and An American Werewolf in London.”


In his free time, Daniel likes to write, watch live-music and be outdoors as much as possible. Some of his favorite musicians include the bands Primus, Queens of the Stone Age and The Heavy. He also plays video games every now and then. He loves to eat and it shows. He takes himself very seriously.


He is excited to graduate this fall and cannot wait to start paying off his student loans. Most importantly though, he is looking forward to this opportunity to work with some talented young media prodigies!