Maggie Pund


Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

Minor: Electronic media and broadcasting

High school: Summit Country Day High School


Former zoology major, Maggie Pund, is a senior journalism major at Northern Kentucky University and a mentor for the Journalism in the Digital Age summer workshop. She also recently became a news editor for The Northerner, NKU’s independent student newspaper.


After two semesters of working as a staff writer, Maggie will play a bigger part as an editor for The Northerner this fall. In addition to writing, she has a growing interest in photography and website design. At the workshop this summer, she will have the chance to share what she has learned with more students.


“Professional journalism plays an important role in society,” Pund said. “I think it is a very exciting field to enter and a wonderful way to make a difference if you are dedicated.”


With her minor in electronic media and broadcasting, she plans to support The Northerner in its journey to become a digital first publication. The workshop will provide a fantastic opportunity to hone her technological skills, while teaching others the skills they will need for a future in professional journalism.


“It is important to become familiar with all of the new technology you can if you are interested in journalism in this day in age,” Pund said. “I have found that a passion for writing and investigating, combined with an interest in new media, will give students an advantage in a journalism career.”


Lab reports did not allow enough creative writing for Pund while she was a zoology major. While looking for a way to combine her interest in research and passion for writing, she switched her major to journalism.  As a staff writer, she began developing a science section at The Northerner to shed light on some of the fascinating research students and faculty are conducting around campus each semester. She plans to continue building a science beat and hopes to inspire others to do the same.


“Science always excited me, and I found myself investigating new researches and studies I heard about or read about in news articles,” Pund said. “Journalism allowed me an outlet to research all different kinds of topics all the time and share what I found with the world.”


As the oldest of six, Pund is familiar with teaching others and handling a lot at once. During the workshop as a mentor, she intends to utilize her passion for learning and commitment to journalism to encourage others to grasp the importance of professional journalism in the digital age. She plans to help students discover their interests and support them along the way. In particular, she wants to guide participants with an interest in photojournalism and writing.


“I hope students will take advantage of this opportunity to learn from people with a passion for journalism,” Pund said.