Robert Huelsman


Year: Senior

Major: Electronic media and broadcasting

Minor: Cinema Studies

High school: Ryle High School


Robert is an senior electronic media and broadcasting major who is already an award-winning filmmaker. Robert’s love of media began at Ryle High School when he helped livestream football games.


“This first exposure to the world of media is what got me to enroll in the EMB program at NKU,” Huelsman said.


Since then, he has developed a passion for cinematography and is always looking to learn more. Through the EMB program, not only has his love for camera work evolved, but also his passion for all things media production.

“From sound recording and mixing, to editing and video compositing, I love creating media,” Huelsman said.


NKU has been crucial to Robert and his development as a media creator. He has met and developed friendships with not only his fellow students, but also his professors.


“Through opportunities such as The College Movie Festival, where my team’s film won Audience Choice, and being a teaching assistant for the intro EMB class, I have learned from others as well as had the chance to help others reach their goals,” he said.

Although mainly narrative focused, Robert likes to be involved in many different types of productions and is always first to volunteer for the role of camera operator. Learning to be a Cinematographer is what drives him as he works his way through the program and hopefully is a passion that he can make a living out of.


Another one of Robert’s goals is to one day be a professor because he has always had a passion for teaching. He is currently considering going to graduate school at the University of Texas Austin Robert.


“I have a drive to always be learning something and getting better at making video,” Huelsman said.