About the Team

Alyson Schoenung, Social Media Editor

The key to finding an effective mentor team is finding people with different interests, backgrounds and styles to form a diverse and interesting collection of voices, minds and creativity to put together the best possible workshop.


NKU has successfully gathered such a collection, choosing mentors with the ability to find interest in zoology and research, to mentors more interested in the creation of video games. Whatever the interest is, someone involved in NKU’s Journalism in the Digital Age workshop can offer advice.


There’s Maggie Pund, who decided that research papers just weren’t creative or interesting enough, and therefore has combined her love of research and journalism to bring interesting and creative science articles to the NKU community. Then there’s Stephen Wilder, who’s love of sports has driven him to cover countless NKU basketball games, writing up game recap articles minutes after the final buzzer has sounded.


Daniel Townsend, a brutally honest EMB major mentor, makes it clear in his bio that eating and horror movies are high priorities, although Ally Schoenung, who hates scary movies, finds herself more interested in making nuns cry with her brutally honest editorials and posting funny pictures of her dogs and friends on Instagram.


We have Erin Mullins, whose parents moved from Hawaii before she was born, involved as a non-traditional student and has experience most students don’t have to bring to the table, quite yet. As a mother of five, she has plenty of patience for all who require it throughout the workshop.


Brendan Dickinson, a transfer to NKU, has the ability to show students why NKU is the right choice versus other colleges because of his experience elsewhere. His computer skills will make students interested and make their head spin with confusion on just what some of those computer terms mean.


So do not fear! We have everything you may or may not be looking for, and more! Come find something in common with us and we’ll promise not to make ourselves too boring!