NKU introduces digital media to high school students


Erin Mullins, Story Editor

The Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop at Northern Kentucky University will kick off Monday with a whirlwind of journalism experience for local high school students. Several of the activities the students will be participating in include creating Vine videos, tweeting, learning how to take still photos and videos, while still focusing on the traditional journalism skills of writing and editing news stories.

“We’ve always tried to make it hands on but this year is even more so,” Program Director Michelle Day said. “I believe we learn by doing.”

Day said one of the main focuses is on social media.

“Social media has just exploded so we’re going to do more experimental things with it this year by using Twitter, Vine and Instagram.”

Several NKU students are working as mentors for this workshop to help the participants get the most out of this experience.

Stephen Wilder, a story editor for the workshop said he was excited to use the skills and knowledge he’s gained from NKU to help other students succeed, and to find out what they are good at or what they are most comfortable doing.

Daniel Townsend, a video editor, said he was most excited to be “shooting and editing video all week,” while the other video editor, Robert Huelsman said he was worried about equipment issues popping up.


“You can never trust tech,” Huelsman said.

Photography editor, Maggie Pund said she was just hoping to survive the week.  “I’m worried I won’t be able to affectively tell the story through the photos,” she said.

Still, excitement is in the air for what lies ahead for these high school students.  According to Day, the workshop is partnering with NKU’s student newspaper, The Northerner, so some of the students work will be on the Northerner website and the Instagram contest will be “a fun way for the students to explore the campus.”