Cameras capture a camp in flight

June 18, 2014

After a short walk and some blistering heat the cool air of Dorothy Westerman Herrmann Science Center greeted five workshop students as they prepared to enter the aeronautics camp.

The second they entered they gravitated toward the cases and displays lining the first floor. Brian Fogel, Lakota East High School student, who has a strong interest in plant life, looked to the cases for varying types of plants while his Lakota classmate Cindy Huynh cautiously stepped toward the taxidermy animals.

After a few minutes of adventuring and a small tumble up the stairs for Christina Kim, also from Lakota, the assignment began. The students waited in the hall as the middle schoolers from the camp waved to them through the windows. William Schneider, who directs the aeronautics camp for Center for Integrated Natural Science and Mathematics at NKU, finishing up a lesson on latitude as the high school students unpacked their cameras to prep for their interviews.

A student uses the flight simulator during the Aeronautics Camp.
A student uses the flight simulator during the Aeronautics Camp.

“Where can we set up?” Elijah Messmer, Nicholson-Messmer homeschool student, asked before recalling Schneider’s instruction to set up wherever they’d like.

The interviews began. In one corner Jonah Yonker, a fourth student from Lakota East, set up his camera perfectly to speak with an aeronautics student. In another, Elijah interviewed Schneider, all while Cindy took the initiative of asking one of the Campbell County High School student assistants for an interview. Christina headed into the hall for a quieter spot for her interview.

The students sounded almost experienced, asking the right questions and holding confident composure in their interviews.

As the high school students began to shoot b-roll, Schneider launched into a passionate speech about the work their doing in the aeronautics camp, throwing out quotable line after quotable line.

“I do the plannin’ and Jim does the practicin’,” Schneider said referring to fellow instructor Jim Daniels.

The students, even though unprepared for this impromptu speech, quickly turned their cameras back on Schneider, capturing his quotes on video and feverishly taking notes.

Schneider went back to his instruction; the room was now quiet, while the students shot b-roll. Jonah immediately took his camera off the stand to go in for close up shots. Cindy set up in a corner catching footage of a table of aeronautics students intently working on the task at hand.

After some time of quiet b-roll, the students headed to the second floor where the other half of the aeronautics students were learning to use flight simulators. Jonah was already there, finishing earlier than the others, taking his b-roll from interesting angles already. The others followed suit. Christina and Cindy spotted two more of the high school student assistants.

“Could we interview one of you?” Christina asked. One agreed and they stepped into the hallway. The others continued their b-roll as aeronautics students practice flying through the air.

“I managed to fill up my memory card already,” Jonah said with still 10 minutes to go. Jonah’s lack of memory space becomes a sign for the others that time was almost up. One by one they began to wrap up and pack up and head to the hallway.

On the walk back they discuss their story ideas. Each had their unique idea that they were ready to put into text.


By Nancy Curtis

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