Brian Murray

Year: Senior

Major: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Minor: Organizational Leadership

Role: Video Editor

High School: Villa Madonna Academy

Brian Murray has had a storied life full of wonder and awe. He first picked up a camera upon entering his high school’s broadcast journalism class and has been obsessed with the art of filmmaking since. He attended the digital journalism camp when he was a senior and  junior in high school and began to hone his skills.

His skills have multiplied due to the tutelage of great professors at NKU such as John Gibson as well as students such as Arturo Minera.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, he was able to acquire a position at NorseMedia as a producer and director as well as working on videos for several NKU offices such as
Fraternity & Sorority Life, New Student Orientation, and NKU Housing.

“I am so lucky to be able to walk on campus every day and be able to do what I love,” said Brian “It seems every time I finish a video here at NKU, two more pop up. I’m always busy but that’s the beauty of what I do. I’ve made so many great connections through my work. I always have something new to work on.”

Recently, Brian had the chance of a lifetime to pack his bags and jump on a plane for a two week study abroad in Sri Lanka. He was part of a group of EMB students who filmed a documentary as they followed an Arts and Anthropology class around.

“The trip abroad was an incredible experience,” Brian explained. “We went from local villages to Buddhist temples to an elephant orphanage. These were places I would never have expected to visit EVER. I remember standing on a beach at the end of a trip and thinking to myself ‘Wow, I am so lucky to be here.’”

In his free time, Brian enjoys practicing, writing, and performing music as well as surveying the local area for the finest cheeses and pastries. Brian likes to make puns constantly and is eager to help the campers explore their abilities.

  1. Favorite TV show and Why? Hands down has to be Breaking Bad. The rise and fall of Walter White was one of the most beautifully shot, emotionally driven series I have ever watched. I always go back to Breaking Bad whenever people ask why I want to work in film and TV. It’s the epitomé of great television.
  2. Favorite social media? It’s not really social media but Reddit has been the greatest tool in keeping me updated on the world. The conversations I have with people there and the questions it provokes has been very interesting!
  3. Memorable moment? The day was Friday, June 5th, 2015. I, Brian Murray, made my yearly pilgrimage to the Dave Matthews Band concert. But this year was unique. This year, I had finally achieved my goal of obtaining a pit ticket. I stood SECOND ROW! It was a breathtaking experience, I’m still freaking out just thinking about it.
  4. Genre and actor for movie? If there was a movie on my life, it would be titled ‘A Collection of False Truths: The Brian Murray story’. It would be mockumentary style where it would follow me around on my day to day and have asides to the camera, much like Parks and Rec. To play me in this movie, I need an actor of amazing caliber who can portray me at my highs and lows. An actor who is legendary and can really give an honest portrayal of who I am at my core,nd that actor is Nicolas Cage.
  5. Bucket list

I’ll give you three things on my bucket list.

– Have a jam session with either Dave Matthews, Chris Martin, or Rob Thomas (I’m a musician so being able to learn from them would be incredible).

– Work on a Christopher Nolan film (Inception and Interstellar are incredible films, I want to be a part of that).

– Learn how to make the perfect grilled cheese (Tried and failed 8 times, but one day I will get this right)