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Science video shoot prevails despite the rain

June 17, 2015


Workshop campers take part in filming and gathering materials for stories at the NKU Raingarden

Unsure of what to expect, four students ventured across the rainy campus to the Dorothy Westermann Herrmann Science Center to complete their first task as real-world reporters.

Students from the group were assigned to do a series of video interviews with NKU science students who are spending their summer researching the rain garden.

“What exactly is a rain garden?” asked Steven Richter, sophomore at Highlands High School.

As journalists that was their job to find out.

Richter  was nervous prior to the shoot, but felt that the different video techniques he learned from instructor, John Gibson, made him more confident during his interviews.

“I used the headroom technique a lot because when you are setting up an interview  you have to get the right shot and you have to make sure the person is in the correct position on the screen-their head can’t be chopped off or arms,” said Richter.

Despite a rainy day, students were able to leave the research labs where the interviews took place and actually go out to the rain garden to shoot video footage.

Jake Huseman, freshman at Anderson High School, made the most of a difficult journalistic situation. Upon arriving at the shoot, Huseman realized that the battery to his video camera was not in the bag. He quickly improvised and came up with a solution to share Richter’s camera.

“I feel like I was able to get the interviewee in the right spot on the camera. Beforehand, I probably would have put the person right in the middle of the camera, which I realize now looks really bad,” said Huseman.

Sara Ruberg, sophomore student at Mother of Mercy High School, was eager to go out and practice her journalism skills in a real world setting.

“Today, I actually learned about the subjects that we were chosen to interview about,” Ruberg said. “I found it really interesting. I was glad I could learn about our environment and how we can preserve it.”

Madeline Leesman, a senior at Saint Ursula, had little experience with video journalism prior to the video shoot, but proved to be confident during her interviews.

“At first I wasn’t sure how you should position the camera when you’re interviewing somebody—if you should hold the camera or put it on a tripod and it made it just a lot easier to understand and made me more comfortable,” said Leesman.

Throughout the rest of the week, the students will create video news story on a professional Adobe software. By doing this, students are able to utilize modern techniques and skills  that journalists must know in today’s ever-changing world such as taping a video, editing a video on software, and writing a text story.

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