Day 4: Student and mentors reflect on journalism workshop

The past five days has prepared the high school students participating in the Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop for possible future journalistic endeavors. They have learned everything from preparing questions for a press conference to filming and editing their own videos.

As the week comes to an end, the students and their mentors have reflected on their personal experiences that has impacted them the most. Here’s what they had to say:


   Callie Bolling – Ryle High School

My Favorite Moment: “[I liked] interviewing the participants of the robotics camp and editing the videos because it was a lot of fun. I’ve edited videos before but never interviewed anyone. It was something new and something that will be useful throughout my life.”

What I learned: “[I learned] about how to interview people, what questions to ask, how to approach them, and a lot about photography and the types of shots and angles to use.”


Hannah_Brandell   Hannah Brandell – Mount Notre Dame

My Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment was when Bruce taught us all the different photography techniques because I really love photography and I didn’t know about the rule-of-thirds and all the different things you look for when you are trying to make a really good photo.”

What I learned: “I think I learned the most how to [have] a really good interview with someone, because it’s not an area that I have that much experience in and it’s also really useful for no matter what field you go into


Whitney_Bronson   Whitney Bronson – Walnut Hills High School

My Favorite Moment: “I would have to say that my favorite moment was the press conference and going to shoot at the anthropology museum. I like the press conference because I have never been in that type of setting before, and it was cool to see how it was done. I have seen things like that on TV before, and it was cool to actually do it. The people we were interviewing like the basketball coach and the players were really nice and gave us good feedback.”

 What I learned: “I feel like I have learned the most about how to use technology with journalism and just learning how to edit videos in order to add things to them.”


Rachel_Daddieh   Rachel Daddieh – Lakota West High School

 My Favorite Moment: “My favorite part was the interview and then coming back to the computer lab and putting everything together.”

 What I learned: “Journalism and editing on a computer takes much more practice and technique than I had thought.”




  Savannah Deuer – Goshen High School

My Favorite Moment:“My favorite part of the week was when we did the Vine and Instagram shoots, because it gave us much more of a look at the university besides just being in Griffin Hall. Also, it was fun.”

 What I learned:“I learned the most about framing like the rule of thirds, and how to actually take a good picture instead of just playing around with the camera a lot.”


Mari_Froude   Mari Froude – Talawanda High School

My Favorite Moment: “My favorite part was taking photos on the iPads and on the cameras because we learned how to do a close-up and a far-away [shot] and just learning how to take good quality pictures.”

 What I learned: “[I learned] how to make a good video on Premier.”



Isabela_Gibson   Isabela Gibson – McAuley High School

My Favorite Moment: “I really liked video editing and being able to shoot and bring it all together into one final project.”

 What I learned: “It’s [all] a lot more difficult than it seems to put together a whole news story. I liked how it gave us a look into all the work that it actually takes.”



Charlie_Goldsmith   Charlie Goldsmith – Seven Hills School

My Favorite Moment: “[My favorite moment was] getting to go out to the string camp, meeting Michael, and develop my journalistic story.”

 What I learned: “[I learned] how to create a complete story that creates intrigue and interest.”



Natalie_Hempfling   Natalie Hempfling – Campbell County High School 

My Favorite Moment: “I think my favorite moment was doing all the different groups, like the robotics. [I liked it] because my group was a group of kids and I liked seeing what they could do with the robots.”

 What I learned: “I learned how to put my article together correctly.”



Lydia_Human   Lydia Human – Calvary Christian School

My Favorite Moment: “I really like working with Premier. I wish we had more time to do that! And I actually liked interviewing more than I thought I would.”

 What I learned: “[I learned] how to [use] Premier.”



Jake_Huseman   Jake Huseman – Anderson High School

 My Favorite Moment: “I found the Instagram photo challenge to be one of the best things that we did in this camp. I liked how we could just go around and try to find really cool and interesting shots and I think it helped me develop good photo-taking skills.”

 What I learned: “I think a few things that I learned that I found quite valuable is most of the question-asking skills because I really had no idea what the difference was between like a open-ended or a close-ended question was.”


Brianna_JonesBrianna Jones – Walnut Hills High School

My Favorite Moment: “My favorite part of this week was practicing using Premier and editing the videos together.”

 What I learned: “Something I learned this week is to always make sure you get more footage than you think you’ll need and to prepare questions before you interview someone.”



Elizabeth_Juengling   Elizabeth Juengling – Highlands High School

My Favorite Moment:“My favorite moment was probably the editing of the interviews because it’s really cool to be able to take what you once filmed and turn it into a whole story.”

 What I learned: “I think something I learned this week was more about interviews and [how to] correctly ask questions and how to be more interactive with the person you are interviewing.”



Madeline_Leesman   Madeline Leesman – Saint Ursula 

 My Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment this week was writing our own news article in the computer lab and the Instagram contest.”

 What I learned: “I think I learned the most about video editing and Premier and interviewing people.”



Steven_Richter   Steven Richter – Highlands High School

My Favorite Moment:“I liked going to the science research lab and going to see the rain garden. The rain garden is cool because it is helping the environment.”

 What I learned:“[I learned] how to frame an interview or a shot correctly.”




   Sam Roberts – Simon Kenton High School

 My Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment was definitely doing the interviews for the photoshoots at the anthropology museum. We finally got to put all the stuff we had been talking about and learning from John and Bruce and from the others into action and actually create our own video shoot.”

 What I learned:“[I learned about] all the work that goes into journalism and all the steps and finally getting to see how it all comes to life on the computer.”


Sara_Ruberg   Sara Ruberg – Mercy High School

My Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment this week was the Instagram contest and meeting different students from everywhere who loved to do the same thing I do.”

 What I learned: “I learned the most about photography and the different rules and how to make the perfect picture.”



Shane_Setna   Shane Setna – William Mason High School

 My Favorite Moment: “My favorite part was interviewing Coach Plitzuweit and her two players because it’s like a real word experience [on] journalism and sports; if I had to pick something to do, that’s what I would choose.”

 What I learned: “There are some things that Michele told us that were common sense, like what not to do or to do, and a lot of it really did help. I think I might guilty of doing some of it.”


Shubrath_Shetty   Shubrath Shetty – The Seven Hills

My Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment was editing the videos.”

 What I learned: “My favorite lesson was again, the video editing. I learned new things on like how we can place certain pictures or certain videos to help ease on transitions.”



Amilcar_Torres-Enrique   Amilcar Torres-Enrique – Walnut Hills High School

 My Favorite Moment: “I definitely think the press conference we had with the NKU [women’s] basketball coach [was my favorite] because we got to learn a lot about interviewing and how to ask the right type of questions and I think it helped me become a better, I guess, person.”

 What I learned:“What I learned specifically was about taking photos for example, the rule-of-thirds, help me become a better photographer overall.”



AndreaCarter   Andrea Carter

Biggest Takeaway:“My biggest takeaway from the workshop was being in an environment where I could constantly challenge myself both as a journalist and as a mentor.”

Favorite Moment:“I liked when the students got to go out for their Instagram shoot, because it is such an interactive and fun way to learn important journalistic skills.”


Derek Daley Headshot   Derek Daley

Biggest Takeaway:“Being my first experience working with the journalism department, it was great be able to work with the students to help them develop skills as well as developing my own.”

Favorite Moment:“The press conference, because the students went in nervous and came out confident.”



Moedaniels   Moe Daniels

Biggest Takeaway:“I liked getting to see my group grow throughout the week. They combined everything they learned from the week to create a great and successful journalism package.”

Favorite Moment:“Watching the campers go out and interview people with confidence on their own without any help.”



Ashleyhe   Ashley Hempfling

Biggest Takeaway:“This was my first experience being a peer mentor, and I really enjoyed that the students felt comfortable coming to me for answers.”

Favorite Moment:“Watching the students independently gather footage and utilize the concepts that they were taught by the pros.”



BrittaneyMurphy   Brittany Murphy

Biggest Takeaway:“The experience of being a mentor, and using the skills that I have learned during the class. Also, I like helping students that have similar interest to myself.”

Favorite Moment:“I liked working with the students one-on-one when they were editing their videos.”

brianmurray   Brian Murray

Biggest Takeaway:“Realizing how far that my skills have come as a video editor.”

Favorite Moment:“Helping students edit their projects and also eating a whole Beast.”


   Lindsay Rudd

Biggest Takeaway:“Being able to help students with different video techniques that I have learned here at NKU.”

Favorite Moment:“I liked assisting the students with the video editing on Wednesday and Thursday.”

taylorupchurch   Taylor Upchurch

Biggest Takeaway:“I think that my biggest takeaway was being able to relate to the high school students and also enhancing my own journalistic skills by assisting them with their problems.”

Favorite Moment:“I had a couple of favorite moments. One was being able to edit the students’ stories, and also being able to form a relationship with the other mentors throughout the week.”