High-tech center presents videographers with choices

June 22, 2016

The Virtual Reality Station, a corner of the room dedicated to creating simulated worlds through computers, looked like a good possibility. But so did the area near the 3-D printer. And the counter with all the gizmos dubbed the Internet of Things Station had potential, as well.

The five participants in NKU’s Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop  — Alysia Morgan, Lina Kaval, Vance Underwood, Nathan Davis and James Drury — hesitated a few moments. But then quickly got to work. They were in the gallery to shoot video stories about the NKU College of Informatics co-op program where college students design websites, create mobile apps and work on other technology-based projects for community clients.

The Applied Informatics Video Shoot group taking in their filming environment
Alec Reynolds
The Applied Informatics Video Shoot group taking in their filming environment

The high school students adjusted the angles on their cameras to better take advantage of the light. And they tested their framing on each other.  

Nate Weyman, an NKU student majoring in electronic media and broadcasting and acting as a mentor for the high school participants, looked through one video camera and noticed a problem. “Looks like you’ve got too much headroom,” he said, discussing the space between the top of the shot and the interviewee’s head.

Once all the cameras were in just the right places, the interviews began and the young journalists started gathering quotes about the technology projects the center produces for businesses.  

Kaval, a sophomore from Lakota East High School in Liberty Township, Ohio, said the experience brought insights beyond the journalistic techniques of conducting video interviews.

“Computer science is what I want to do,” she said. “This gives me a glimpse of what that’s like.”

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