Sydney Wege

Liz Apollonio and Tricia Gullett setting up their cameras

Young children challenge journalism students

June 22, 2016

As day three came around the corner quickly, students took charge gathering their first hands-on news story around campus. Students Andrew Davis, Sarah Krebs, Grace Engelman, Tricia Gullett, Liz Apollonio, and Lauryn Holman-Cruse explored the Early Childhood Summer Camp taking a few steps further into their journalism experience.


The journalism students not only had the challenges of shooting a video story, but recording the actions of unpredictable young children.


Audrey Wilson, director of the Early Childhood Summer Camp, mentioned having the students back next summer.


“The kids love seeing students coming in to interact with them,” Wilson said. “I can tell they enjoy watching people they look up to learn new things just like they are. It’s a good way for them to see no matter how old you get your learning will continue to grow.”


The group spent the morning getting to know the children as well as the camp directors and supervisors. They practiced filming and interviewing to get all angles of the camp to put into a final piece. After spending time reporting and watching the camp they were able to come together as a team and collaborate ideas and reflect on strengths and weaknesses.


“I was very pleased,” said Sydney Wege, a group leader. “If we gave them something to do they really took it to heart and began creating their own ideas. When we started to look at the footage and information they gathered you could tell they listened to a lot of tips and advice from mentors and professors. It’s nice to see so many of them interested in their work.”


Students were thrilled to be able to experience hands-on journalism and look forward to day four of the workshop.


“Today was a blast!” said Gullet, a junior at Henry Clay High School. “After today I realize how much work journalists have to go through to make a good story. There were a lot of situations that pushed me use new skills whether I was ready or not. I’m really excited to put it all together tomorrow and hopefully make the story I can see in my head.”





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