Students and mentors reflect on this year’s workshop

As the 2016 Journalism in the Digital Age wraps up, this year’s camp attendees learned about the principles of written journalism, photography and videography. Students covered NKU’s campus from Griffin Hall to the School of the Arts and everywhere in between.

With the camp concluding Friday, students were asked about their overall impressions of the week and their favorite moment. Here is what they had to say:

Sarah KrebsSarah Krebs

Grade: 10

School: Newport Central Catholic

Overall impression: “I feel like it’s been really fun and I’ve learned so much. I went into the camp without knowing much of the technological side. With the help of the leaders and the hands-on experience, I’ve been able to grow with that.”

Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment was when we interviewed our group. I was in the early elementary. It was really nice to have that one-on-one interview experience.”

Lina KavalLina Kaval

Grade: 10

School: Lakota East

Overall impression: “It’s super-fun! The people are all really nice, and we just made a group chat. So we’re going to stay in contact for sure.”

Favorite Moment: “The real variety of things that were all very fun to do. I really like the video editing, because I’ve worked with some video editing, like basic cut-and-paste. Having a little more experience is definitely a plus.”

Jw StoryJw Story

Grade: 12

School: Mason County

Overall impression: “I came here not really knowing what to expect. We’ve done a lot of hands-on exciting things with the cameras. It’s been really enlightening figuring out what journalism is all about.

Favorite moment: “Probably going down to the science hall and interviewing people. Honestly, I liked (recording) the B-roll more than the interviews.”

Sophia SpiveySophia Spivey

Grade: 11

School: Lakota East

Overall impression: “It’s been really interactive. With my magazine (in high school), we’ve been trying to get more interactive and broadcasting. Learning the programs and getting the structure of that has been really helpful.”

Favorite moment: “Probably going to the early childhood elementary. I love children, and taking pictures and being able to capture a moment of a kid doing something is really fun.”

Collin TrisselCollin Trissel

Grade: 8

School: Walnut Hills

Overall impression: “I’ve really liked it. I’ve learned a lot. It’s very hands-on, and I wasn’t expecting that.”

Favorite moment: “I really liked doing the shoot for the Aero-Girls. That was really cool. That first-hand experience is something I’ve never done before.”

Vance UnderwoodVance Underwood

Grade: 11

School: Mason County

Overall impression: “It’s been pretty good overall. I’ve learned a lot about interviewing techniques and how to work a camera.”

Favorite moment: “Probably going out and filming interviews and taking photos with the camera.”

Johnny DavidJohnathan David

Grade: 11

School: La Salle

Overall impression: “I enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot this week that I didn’t know about. It really helped me make a path to want to major in this in college.”

Favorite moment: “Probably taking pictures and the interview with the basketball team and coach.”

Kaeleigh TaylorKaeleigh Taylor

Grade: 10

School: Dater

Overall impression: “It’s been fun and very educational. I think it’s really helped me become a better writer, photographer and videographer.”

Favorite moment: “Meeting all the people around campus and going to the arts center. Also, the editing will probably help me fix everything in my YouTube videos and help me make better content.”

Andrew-DavisAndrew Davis

Grade: 9

School: Calvary Christian

Overall impression: “It’s been really interesting learning all the things with cameras and video editing and taking videos. I haven’t really done anything like this before, so it’s been really interesting and fun.”

Favorite moment: “The video editing has been really fun. Our school has a news team. I probably wouldn’t want to be in front of the camera, but I might work on editing there.”

Grace JacksonGrace Jackson

Grade: 10

School: Beechwood

Overall impression: “I thought it was a really cool experience. I feel like I learned a ton. I made a lot of good friends.”

Favorite moments: “I liked everything that I learned from the press conference. I learned a lot. That whole lesson on how to ask questions was really interesting.”


Nathan DavisNathan Davis

Grade: 11

School: Calvary Christian

Overall Impressions: “I enjoyed it. I learned how to use an editing program and learned how to take photos more effectively.”

Favorite moment: “The editing”


Alysia MorganAlysia Morgan

Grade: 11

School: Highlands

Overall Impressions: “It was very well done and I learned a lot.”

Favorite moment: “Learning more about photography and how I can be better


Caroline HorvathCaroline Horvath

Grade: 9

School: Walnut Hills

Overall Impressions: “I’ve had a lot of fun at the camp and it has exceeded my expectations. I came in not know what to expect but it’s been awesome.”

Favorite Moment: “Getting to meet people during interviews was the best part.”


Tricia GulletTricia Gullett

Grade: 12

School: Henry Clay

Overall Impressions: “I learned a lot about photography and videography and I really enjoyed the journalism aspect”

Favorite Moment: “The people have been the best part. We’ve probably been a little loud.”


Grace HallGrace Hall

Grade: 11

School: Mount Notre Dame

Overall Impression: “It’s been awesome. I’ve met a lot of great people. I’ve really learned how to write and do video and take pictures.”

Favorite Moment: “The video editing has been a really good experience. I’ve only ever used Windows Movie Maker and Premier has been great.”


Kyle KruthofferKyle Kruthoffer

Grade: 11

School: Calvary Christian

Overall Impression: “At the beginning I was kind of nervous and shy. But throughout the week everyone has been open and inviting. I’ve been growing throughout the camp. It’s just a complete new kind of learning experience and has been helping me prepare for future careers.”

Favorite Moment: “I had fun taking photos around campus or getting to interview the basketball team and coach.”


Elizabeth ApollonioLiz Apollonio

Grade: 11

School: Covington Latin

Overall Impression: “It’s been pretty cool how we have progressed. We got more advanced as the week went on. I’ve learned how to be observant and ask better questions.”

Favorite Moment: “The news conference was a totally new experience and was terrifyingly fun for me.”


Sam SheltonSam Shelton

Grade: 12

School: Highlands

Overall Impression: “The whole program was really fun and I learned a lot.”

Favorite Moment: “Meeting everyone and learning with other kids who like journalism.”


Matt_SextonMatt Sexton

Overall Impressions: “I was really impressed at how eager the students were to learn. Sometimes high school kids don’t have that motivation but they were excited about what they did and they seemed really interested in journalism.”

Favorite Moment: “Getting the tour of campus today and seeing the students out taking photos. Seeing them get different shots was really cool.”


Alison_MeinekeAlison Meineke

Overall Impressions: “I’ve been pretty impressed. I think the students are really engaged and really into what we have been doing. They are actually learning and we can say that and it’s really cool.”

Favorite Moment: “When were at lunch and the students were instructed to bond and I didn’t think they would. But all sat together at lunch and had the greatest time together.”


Emily_SherryEmily Sherry

Overall Impressions: “I loved it. You would tell the students something and they would feed off of that and it was really humbling to me. It has been really rewarding.”

Favorite Moment: “Watching the students to it on their own was my favorite part. Watching them go from nothing to everything is awesome. They soaked in so much information.”


Derek_DaleyDerek Daley

Overall Impressions: “I thought it went well. We had a good range of people who were interested in different aspects of journalism. I really enjoyed the group.”

Favorite Moment: “The press conference was my favorite. I like seeing how they react when they get thrown in the fire and see how they deal with that. They started slow but they started to come around after a couple people started to ask questions.”


Nate_WeymanNate Weyman

Overall Impressions: “I was very impressed with the kids ability with photography and how quickly they picked up new skills.”

Favorite Moment: “Today on the Instagram shoot when I showed the kids the Volkswagenasaurus in the library because they had never seen it before and it blew their minds.”



Alec_ReynoldsAlec Reynolds

Overall Impressions: “I think it was a lot more rewarding than I anticipated. We got to really show them what I know and I think they picked it up.”

Favorite Moment: “When we started Premiere. I thought I was way more useful to the students when we finally got in the editing room.”



Fabio_SouzaFabio Souza

Overall Impressions: “I thought the camp was really cool and went pretty smoothly. It was a good way for kids to learn media quickly.”

Favorite Moment: “When we walked around campus and shot Instagram photos. You could really tell the students were excited to get some interesting shots.”



Christopher_DeckerChristopher Decker

Overall Impressions: “I was really impressed by the level of interest the students showed in learning about the different aspects of journalism. I felt like there wasn’t ever a dull moment and that the kids responded well to all the mentors and professionals. We worked really hard to put it all together for them and I think they really took full advantage of what we had to offer.”

Favorite Moment: “Watching my group of students do their video interviews with the Provost. I was really nervous about them interviewing someone so high up in the university about the Health Innovation Center but they really rose to the challenge and really impressed me. Their questions were excellent and it was really rewarding to see them work so hard.”


Sydney WegeSydney_Wege

Overall Impression: “The camp exceeded my expectations. I was afraid that things would go wrong with filming locations or that students would not have any fun or get anything out of the camp. However, everything seemed to go smoothly and everyone looked like they were having fun with their new friends and  that they learned a lot. Based on the work I saw them do, they were making some amazing videos and stories. I was very proud of them when they were putting everything together.”

Favorite Moment: “It had to be when we went out on our video shoots. Unfortunately, we had to brace the rain and they were all following Emily and I through the rain, so we called them our “ducklings”.  It was so much fun to be able to get to know the kids and to have a good time while teaching them to be journalists.”