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2019 Journalism Academy preps students for the future of news

July 20, 2019


The 2019 Journalism and Digital Media Academy welcomes high school students from the Tri-State to spend a week getting a taste for the professional media world—whether it’s creating a social media post, designing infographics or recording a podcast.

“One thing I love about the Journalism and Digital Media Academy is that it touches on so many different aspects of the news media today—and there’s something for just about everyone,” Program Director Michele Day said. 

Students will experience journalism basics like interviewing, writing, photography, ethics, fact-checking and even a mock TV newscast. 

This year, the academy added a multimedia project, where students will work in groups to tell different pieces of a story through various platforms. Day said she’s excited to see how all of the pieces will work together and what the students will create. 

Owensboro High School alum Corinne Byrne said she’s excited to show students how fun journalism is, but also show the importance and vitality of the field. 

“I want to be able to help them develop their skills even more this week and create exciting content that they’ll be proud of,” Byrne said. 

Billy Keeney, Russell High School alum, looks forward to helping ignite students’ passion for journalism the same way NKU’s journalism community did for him. 

“I’ve never been as confident about my future career as I am with The Northerner (NKU’s independent student news organization) and NKU’s journalism program—and I hope you’ll learn to share my same passion,” Keeney said. “Hopefully this camp will be the catalyst for your career in journalism and digital media.”

Day said the students bring unique media experiences to the program, so she finds the academy an opportunity to learn from their interests.

“These are the people who will shape the future,” Day said. “So, their perspectives really matter.”

Josh Kelly, Owensboro High School alum, is looking forward to helping students learn more about NKU, the journalism major and the field—hoping to show students what they can do as a media professional. 

“When I was in school, I had a similar experience and I’m excited to see where this experience brings these students from the start of camp to the end,” Kelly said. “Can’t wait to see you guys in the [Northerner] newsroom.”

Day said the week will be busy, adding that it’s typical to real-life journalism. 

“You never get bored. I can’t wait,” Day said.

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